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About us

The new Anniversary Edition

We would have never thought that AOE2.GG would be used by almost 10,000 users worldwide. That's why we decided to release a remake of our initial version from october 2022. It was built quick and dirty therefor it was buggy and slow. With our new Anniversary Edition we have put in months and a lot of love and coffee into it! Hence it became faster and more stable than ever.


1 Oct 2022
AOE2.GG was createdBuilt version 1.0 within 5 days when AOE2.NET left the scene.
1 Jan 2023
5,600 UserbaseBy end of 2022 we gained over 5k users just within 3 months.
1 Jul 2023
AOE2.GG was taken downWe decided to recode the website from scratch with a complete redesign, due to unstable website.
1 Oct 2023
1st Anniversary & RelaunchThis time we spent 3 months building a more stable version with a new tech stack and the future in mind.
1 Jan 2024
10,000 usersWe count now more than 10k users now! Thank you!

We think data is beautiful and there are so many ways to show it and we have plenty of ideas to push this forward. We can only reach this with you! If you would like to be part of it and support the development you can do so with following: Donations, Discord Server Boosts, bookmark AOE2.GG or just spread the love!

Support us

Help us to upkeep the maintenance work and overhead costs for server and domain.
It is absolutely alright if you can't support us financially. Just hangout with us on our Discord Server.

Meet the creators

Noah Stüsser

I am an UX/UI Designer & Front-end Developer by day and AoE2 Streamer Player by night.

Nizar Ljaljević Lopez

I am a Fullstack Developer and I don't play Age of Empires at all but this sounded like a fun project.


We are looking for volunteers to translate this website to your language. DM us on Discord.